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From The Kitchen of Gui Alinat, CEC

From The Kitchen of Gui Alinat, CEC

Executive chef and author

Hey, this is Gui. I’m a native of France and an executive chef in the United States. I spent 6 years in culinary school, and I have a 28-year professional cooking experience. I’ve owned my own fine catering business for the past 15 years, and written two popular cookbooks: The Chef’s Repertoire and Eat More Burn More™.

Sometime in my career, it occurred to me that learning how to cook did not have to be complicated, expensive, or mysterious.

There is so much mystery surrounding the making of food that the public tends to treat chefs as if they were alchemists or rock stars. We are neither.

A chef is no one else than someone who possesses a set of skills. To run a professional kitchen, a chef needs to master hundreds of skills.

I’m pretty sure you’re not interested in running a restaurant kitchen.

You just want to learn to cook. 

That’s why you only need to know a few skills. 13, in fact.

Here there are. All of them available for free in my digital cookbook – The Essential Cooking Course. I have compiled the absolute essential set of skills you will ever need to empower yourself and be creative in the kitchen. For a lifetime. This crash course is ultra condensed. No recipes, ever. No complicated chef language either.

Pay attention, learn these 13 cooking skills, and that’s all there is to it.

After you’re done reading and learning my 13 cooking skills, I guarantee you that you’ll learn to cook most anything using your own senses and creativity, without ever following a recipe again. You’ll impress your family, friends, or anyone you are cooking for and more importantly, you’ll understand how to cook.

One last word. This is easy. There is nothing complicated, difficult, or expensive. So just get started now.

You Will NOT Believe How SIMPLE Cooking can be!

What Would You Do If You Knew How To Cook Like A Pro?

Maybe you would entertain your family and friends with confidence. Or you would easily cook a healthy family dinner in just 15 minutes. Impress your girlfriend? Completely revamp your cooking repertoire? Maybe you would step into your kitchen, open your refrigerator, pick 4 or 5 random ingredients, and just start creating a dish. You could even save time and money in the process.

Sounds Good To You?.. 

With the Cooking Crash Course, this is not only possible, but accessible for FREE. Just enter your email address and receive Chef Gui Alinat’s free cookbook: The Essential Cooking Course – Learn to cook in 2 days.

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check sign   15 Simple Cheat Sheets To Cook Any Soup, Sauce, Dip, Meat, Fish, Or Vegetable You Want

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check sign   You Basically Get An Ultra Compact, Culinary School Program For Free

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is The Essential Cooking Course and why will it help me be a better cook?

A: The Essential Cooking Course is a unique cooking program designed to teach you how to cook. In short, this is an ultra-concentrated version of a 6-month culinary course. You’ll learn to cook in 51 pages, 13 essential techniques, 15 cheat sheets, amazing photos, infographics, and amazing chef-led content designed to get you cooking, fast.

It will definitely help you be a better cook because you will learn tons. Not only cooking techniques and tips, but you will understand WHY food reacts the way it does when you prep or cook it.

Chefs don’t learn to cook with recipes, and neither should you. Instead, we focus on cooking techniques, so you can apply those techniques to different foods, equipment, kitchens, and tastes. It’s the knowledge of the 13 essential techniques that empowers you and reveal your own creativity in the kitchen.

Q: Can I REALLY learn to cook with this Cookbook?

A: Yes, we pinky swear! 🙂
Listen, Chef Gui’s program has been developed over 28 years. Chef was a culinary student in France back in 1986. He spent 6 years of extensive chef training, then worked in dozens of restaurants across the world. His career has encompassed positions from line cook to ACF’s Certified Executive Chef. He has catered more than 3000 events in Tampa Bay, FL. He taught students in culinary schools as well as in private homes. He has written 3 books and translated 2. He conducted lectures and culinary demonstrations all over the country. So the point here is that The Essential Cooking Course is the fruit of a rich culinary career, which is now handed to you in a compact handbook, completely free of charge.

Q: Why is it free?

A: It may not remain free forever, but for right now it’s available completely free of charge. Why? It’s about sharing knowledge. Chef Gui believes that cooking for family and friends is the key to a rich human experience, and as such, should be accessible to all. Plus, you’ve been asking the same questions a million time: “How do I cook this?”, “How do I know when it’s cooked”, “How do chefs time their meals so perfectly?”, “Should I go to culinary school?”, “I want to learn how to cook. How do I do it?”, “How long should I cook my turkey?”, “How do I know if it’s medium rare?”, etc… The Essential Cooking Course answers all of these questions and more.

Q: Is The Essential Cooking Course for beginners or advanced cooks?

A: Both. Beginners will have a real revelation while reading The Essential Cooking Course, and will learn to cook in no time. For advanced cooks, we promise many Ah-Ha moments, as they learn things they didn’t know.

Q: Is the author qualified?

A: No kidding. Gui often jokes he has a PhD in cooking. 6 years of culinary school in France. 28 years professional experience. Certified Executive Chef with the American Culinary Federation. Fine Catering business owner. 5 published books (3 his own and 2 translations). 1 international award for his book The Chef’s Repertoire. 65000+ followers on social media and email.

Q: Do I need fancy equipment to learn to cook?

A: Not at all. If you have 3 knives, 1 cutting board, and a couple of pots and pans, you’re good to go. Learning how to cook doesn’t have to be expensive.

Q: Am I going to have to spend hours in the kitchen every day?

A: Quite the contrary. The program is designed to free your time, not lock you up in your own kitchen. You’ll learn to cook and have fun at the same time.

Q: What do you do with my email address?

A: Good question. First, we respect your privacy. Your email address will never be sold to anyone. We might use it from time to time to share some relevant content like new tips, chef secrets, or future books.

Q: Will The Essential Cooking Course remain free?

A: We’ll see. For now it’s completely free and you should probably grab it while it is. In the future, depending on its success, we might decide to publish it. Usually, free content of that quality gets noticed and publishers decide to monetize it. But right now, yeah, it’s free.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?

A: Guess what? It’s free, remember? 🙂

Easy download directions will immediately be emailed to you.